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Training Education and Support

How we provide training, education and support to educate your workforce

You need to educate your workforce on the dangers of the impairment caused by drug/alcohol use and make well known the penalties of being found to be impaired at work. Random screening tests whether this education has been effective.

We hold regular open seminars and closed seminars are available upon request.

Drug and alcohol awareness

We offer training to help you understand the signs and symptoms commonly associated with drug or alcohol use and how to recognise the different types of commonly abused drugs.

Test officer training and support

We offer training to enable you to administer your own drug and alcohol screening.
We show you how to ensure that the best samples are taken for analysis and by a manner which preserves the integrity of the sample and hence reliability of the
result. We cover everything from collection, recording and sampling through to
interpretation of the result. Post training our experts are always available for any queries you may have.

Policy development and review

You cannot perform any drugs or alcohol testing without a clear and comprehensive company policy, which all staff are aware of, and have consented to. Testing cannot be performed without informed consent. Drug screening must be covered in the Drug and Alcohol Policy, the Terms and Conditions of Employment and the Health and Safety Policy. We can help with this.

Expert Assistance

We are always happy to provide guidance on testing or scientific matters. Please contact us for more information.

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