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Our preferred saliva test kit for both ease of use and reliability is DrugWipe

drugwipe tool For instant on-site results we can provide both urine and oral fluid (saliva) screening kits, as well as Dräger alcohol breathalysers. It is our experience and generally our recommendation that saliva testing offers many advantages over urine and provides a more reliable result for the purpose of demonstrating fitness to work. Our preferred saliva test kit for both ease of use and reliability is DrugWipe® manufactured by Securetec, Germany. These are perfect for on-site non-invasive drug screening.

DrugWipe® detects cannabis, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and methamphetamines at nanogram levels (less than a hundred thousandth of a gram). This is the level of sensitivity required to ensure effective screening. An extensive European review of devices available for the detection of drug drivers demonstrated Drug Wipe to be a top performer over the many others available. This was in terms of both sensitivity, accuracy and effectiveness. It is now used by many police forces worldwide (including all over Australia, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Poland and Finland). DrugWipe® devices are simple to use. There is no requirement for readers or printers, therefore no capital expenditure.

  • Sampling in only 5 seconds
  • Results in 3 to 8 minutes
  • Easily read without expensive electronics
  • ISO 13485 approved (visit

DrugWipe Dual combines saliva testing with sweat, all in one device and without significantly increasing the time required to test. This extends the time window within which drug use can be detected as drug metabolites are deposited on the skin through perspiration and remain detectable after the sweat has evaporated.

DrugWipe products have been used in the UK since 1999 in large corporations for
health and safety screening and in a good number of private schools as part of a
drugs education policy. In all cases, testing is done as per policy and all positives are laboratory confirmed unless consumption is admitted in writing at the point of the test.

Customers particularly value DrugWipe® rapid devices for their unique design which uses minimal sample volume and provide ease of handling. A simple wipe of the skin or painless mouth swab is all that is required.

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