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Testing / Conducting Workplace Testing

How we can help conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing

Our kits are very straightforward and can be easily operated and interpreted by your appointed test officer. Employers who wish to perform their own testing are encouraged to seek advice on what type of testing they require and the appropriate kits to use. It must be ensured that when testing is performed in-house it is conducted in a legally defensible manner (with particular attention to chain of custody and integrity). We can provide training for your appointed workplace drugs testing officer. Positive on-site tests require laboratory confirmation.

Alternatively our scientists can attend and implement the entire programme from selection of staff to be tested through completion of paperwork and testing to reporting of results. This is generally preferred as the exercise is then completely externally driven, down to the choice of employees to be tested. This removes any ill feeling amongst employees that they may be suspected of drug use.

You should not consider screening or testing for drugs and alcohol unless you have a clearly outlined procedure to manage a positive result. This should be stipulated in your drugs and alcohol policy.

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