The Forensic Institute - Drug and Alcohol Testing

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TFI Drug Testing

Premium drug and alchohol testing service based in Glasgow, Scotland

Why Choose Us?

As specialists in the field of forensic toxicology we are well placed to advise on the best means of safeguarding your workforce. Our aim is to provide an easy, scientifically robust, economic, and reliable service to enable employers to demonstrate their commitment to a drug-free workforce while maintaining good employee relations. We routinely test urine, saliva (oral fluid) or hair for common drugs of abuse and breath for alcohol.

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Our Services

TFI can assist with any aspect of employee drug and alcohol testing. From policy development through to providing kits and training your testing officers. Alternatively we offer a full service in which our scientists are responsible for the full process of your drug and alcohol testing. We select the employees to be tested, attend at your premises and conduct a full professional drug and alcohol screen proving the most reliable results.

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Training & Support

TFI training and support will equip you to educate your workforce on the dangers of the impairment caused by drug/alcohol use. Our experts also provide tuition and support to allow you to reliably administer your own drug and alcohol screening. Our forensic toxicology experts are always happy to provide guidance on any testing or scientific matter. We also provide a consultation service for policy development or review.

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